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The Music School that cares

Our teachers go above and beyond to make music learning an enjoyable experience. We focus on teaching the fundamentals of music, then grow their interest through songs that they enjoy.


Is what you're capable of doing.


Determines what you do.


Determines how well you do it.

Having a positive mental attitude

Ask how something can be done, rather than saying it can't be done

Choose Classes For Your Child

What instrument should I choose for my child? Whare are the considerations when learning an instrument?

Our Instruments

Each instrument is chosen and tested by our instructors. We ensure the quality of our instruments so that students can develop in their music playing abilities.

Our Facilities

Our rooms are sound-proofed to provide a conducive learning environment.

Our Lesson Materials

Our syllabus is constantly being updated based on modern approaches to music learning. Teacher's are trained regularly to improve the quality of our teaching.

Our Administration

Our school makes every effort to do our best to serve our customers.

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