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Ukulele Course

Easy, compact and loads of endless fun! Learn to strum and sing on the ukulele and play solo tunes like Jason Mraz & Sungha-Jung. No matter the age, we guarantee you can play a song within a lesson!

Probably the "underdog" of all instruments, the ukulele is mostly thought of as an instrument that can only be used to strum and sing. However, we have proven otherwise, and students we have taught have performed as Ukulele ensembles creating polyphonic melodies and lively rhythms.

Our Ukulele course is based on the London College of Music Syllabus that provides pieces that allow a progressive and effective structure for learning.

Available in Group Settings

- 6 years & up

Most primary & secondary schools are teaching the ukulele during music lessons. However, they mostly teach only the basic 4 chords, focusing on strumming and singing. Our Ukulele Course encompasses all aspects of Ukulele playing, including melody playing (tunes of your favourite songs), advanced chords and different strumming patterns. Give your children the edge in their school music lessons by taking up our Ukulele Course today!

Benefits of Group Lessons

Learning in a group has many benefits

  • Learn with family members in the same class to promote bonding
  • Peer motivation by watching one another play
  • Builds confidence when playing for one another
  • Less pressure Asia teacher takes turns teaching students individually
  • Learn, Practice and Enforce learning within the same lesson
  • Cost efficient through Lower school fees

Why Learn with Music Delight School?

Music Delight School believes that everyone who plays music, should play the songs that they love. Our slogan is Choose, Enrich, Shine. You Choose the instrument and the songs you want to play. Our Teachers will Enrich with you the skills to create the music. We will give you oppportunites to Shine as excellent performers.

Our passion to enrich you is second to none. We constantly strive to improve ourselves to teach you better. Your enjoyable music learning experience is our utmost importance.

Our uniqueness comes from our vision to make every student play their favourite songs. Apart from the usual classroom music and music examinations that most musicians do, we want to dedicate time to helping our students appreciate music through playing songs that they love. ANY SONG, from our modern day favourites like Taylor Swift, Maroon Five, Jay Chou, BTS, Twice, etc. To oldies from Teresa Teng, Elvis Presley, Mchael Jackson and much more, and crossing between genres from Pop, Disco, Jazz, Techno, Ballads, K-Pop, J-Pop etc. Even Children's Cartoon themes songs and Game Soundtracks! Name your song, join us, and before you know it, you'll be having fun playing it!

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