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National Arts Council Approved Programmes


Music Delight School provides has 4 National Arts Council Approved Exposure and Experience programmes.
These programmes are eligible for a 50% subsidy by the Tote Arts Board Grant.


The Construction of Music


- The Merry & Lively Ukulele
- The Delightful Guitar
- The Groovy Keyboard


Music School Tour
(Non-NAC, for Preschools)

What is NAC-AEP?

The National Arts Council-Arts Education Programme (NAC-AEP) provides all students with access to quality arts education experiences.

Our approved programmes are assessed biannually with the help of an expert panel and is listed in the NAC-AEP Programme Directory for MOE Primary & Secondary Schools, Junior Colleges & Centralised institutes to purchase at a subsidy through the Tote Board Arts Grant. Schools may purchase our NAC Programmes by contacting us and letting us know about their course requirements.

More About Our NAC Approved Programmes

The programme " The Construction of Music" introduces music as a form of the Arts and helps students to better understand the elements of rhythm, melody and harmony involved in modern popular music. This is done through a music performance, as well as an informative presentation, accompanied by live examples from active musicians in our local music scene. Selected students will be invited on stage to join the band and "have a jam" playing a simple tune. This will show students that they are able to play in a band, and help build confidence that anyone can play! Lastly, there will be a brief Q & A session at the end of the show for students who might have questions for members of the band.
The Delightful Guitar is designed to give students an insight to playing the Guitar. Students will be exposed to 3 styles of Classical Guitar Playing: 1. Plucking a Melody 2. Strumming & Singing 3. Plucking with bass/chordal accompaniment Through many different genres of songs ranging from Singapore Heritage Songs to today's top popular songs & even famous classical tunes, this programme aims to develop a keen interest for Music and the Guitar in every student. Students will be taught the fundamentals of Music Theory to give them a better understanding on how music is created and how music can be interpreted in various forms of sheet music of Guitar tablature. Through this course, students will gain the valuable knowledge of note reading and note values. Student's capacity for creative thinking will be enhanced through the final performance where they will choose a song that they like, and play it on the Guitar! Special music arrangement will be prepared by the instructor and they can perform it as a mini-ensemble. Every student will love to play a song that they enjoy listening to! Students will get the hands-on opportunity to pick up and learn the basics of the instrument. Through this interactive course, students will have a fun & lively experience, picking up the valuable skill of playing an instrument while building happy musical memories. Music will always be a delight!
The Merry & Lively Ukulele is an intricately designed Ukulele Course teaching students how to pluck and strum on the Ukulele in Classical & pop styles. The ukulele is an extremely versatile & portable instrument that can be played by anyone who has the love and interest for music. This course is designed to give students the ability to perform the Ukulele in 2 ways: 1. Strumming & Singing 2. Playing Melodies with Chordal Accompaniments Most Ukulele programmes are based on just strumming and singing, but in "The Merry & Lively Ukulele", students will be taught on the fundamentals of music such as note reading on the treble clef stave, note values & rhythm counting. They will play different melodies by plucking them on the ukuleles. Following the basic music knowledge that they will gain, they will then learn about how chords relate to music, and apply them in both Classical, Pop & Singapore National Songs. By the end of the course, students would have had a hands-on opportunity to pick up and learn the basics of the merry ukulele and be able to play their favourite tunes by plucking them on the ukulele, strumming and singing them, and even playing in mini ukulele ensembles consisting of Melody and Chordal Accompaniment! Students will get to choose the songs they would like to play. The song would then be arranged for them, and they will be evaluated through a final performance in class for their fellow classmates & teachers.
The Groovy Keyboard gives students the opportunity to pick up the Electronic Keyboard in both a classical piano method, and a modern Electronic Keyboard approach. Students will be taught to read notes on the treble and bass clef stave to build Classical Piano foundations. They will also be taught the 3 main aspects of Electronic Keyboard: Tone (Instrument), Rhythm (Rhythm Box) & Tempo. Through the many songs taught during the course, students will have a better understanding of Classical music, Modern Pop music & Singapore Heritage Songs. With the different instrument sounds that an electronic keyboard can produce, students will also be given a first hand experience to play each different instrument on the keyboard and explore the different sounds produced. Finally, they will put up a performance with the knowledge they have gained through the sessions, ensuring they have learned well and can continue learning the Keyboard on their own!

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