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Come find out some interesting things about Music & Music Learning!

Calling for Donation of Pre-loved Music Books!

Let's save our environment one book at a time! Drop off your Book today and get $2 off your next book purchase!

How do Toddlers begin their Music Journey

Music is one of the basic human pleasures. We believe that kids listening to music at an early age, future musical instruction (the more formal kind) would come more easily. Click to find out more about Music for Toddlers!

Music Day Camps

We have all worked so hard in this unprecedented year ! The school holidays are here & let's all have a good & meaningful break. This year Music Delight has prepared Music Day Camps starting from 16 Nov. Each camp is 4 hours. Lunch included. Suited for beginners & even those with background.

50% off Accessories

Giving our supporters more value added deals!

Adults can learn too

It is never too late to pick up an instrument! Now, with our Adults can learn too! promotion, parents will be offered TWO music lessons when their kids enrol between Aug-Sep 2020! Choose from Piano, Violin, Guitar, Ukulele and Keyboard.

Refer A Friend

Having a great time playing music on your own? It is even more shiok when friends & family can gather to create & play music together. Refer your friends or family to us & each of you will enjoy $15 off your next months school fees as a form of welcome.

Get Music Fit

The more you play, the better you get. JOIN our music fit programme, have a 2nd lesson weekly. Let us help keep lessons affordable. Take $30 off monthly fees for your 2nd lesson.

Perform at your best

Ready, steady, GO! On stage, we do our best, and hope that we impress! Don't fret... Wait... You need to fret and barre properly (when playing the Guitar). GO GO GO!

Change a String and let your instrument Ring!

How often should we change our strings? Let us talk about this issue and make the best of it! Changing strings frequently will give your instruments the best sound. So when does our string sound dead?...

How to use a Manuscript Book

This is an Adult manuscript book, it has 32 pages. The front cover is very nice, there are alot of info in the inner pages. Use the lines wisely, keep drawing treble & base clefs.

How Music Delight does Online Lessons successfully

Will we ever get back to the days where we can be sitting side by side learning and playing music together? We never know, but online music lessons are here to keep music learning going! Want to know how we do it? Read on...

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