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Corporate Programmes

A teambuilding & stress relieving experience

There's no better way than to pick up music as a form of team building and stress relief!
Gain the knowledge of playing an instrument and play and sing with your colleagues.

Stress Relief

Learning Music decreases stress, provides work therapy & helps keep sanity in a fast paced crazy work environment!

Improve Morale

Improve your work focus, employee motivation, activate creativity, promotes higher energy levels & better productivity and concentration.

Build Teamwork

Group sessions as a team building exercise. Promotes office harmony. Perform together!

One Stop Service

We provide everything you need for the sessions except a venue! (Usually held at your office, but if you need one, please let us know and we'll gladly source one for you!)

We provide the instruments, lesson materials, delivery etc.

Let us know your preferred day and time for the workshop, and we will arrange it for you!

Different session durations mean different levels of lessons that can be conducted. A basic introduction to the instrument and being able to play 10-20 songs will take about 2 hours. A 4 hour session (2 hours, folllowed by a 30 min break, then leading to another 2 hours) will be highly recommended for more practice time, so that you will be able to learn better.

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More about Our Programmes

A quick to learn, cheap to buy instrument that is loads of fun! Use this to amuse your children and sing your favourite tunes!
A favourite amongst adults, the guitar is a fantastic instrument to learn! Use this to impress your loved ones whether you're strumming and singing or playing a solo tune!
Pick up chord forming and accompaniment while singing along to your favourite tunes. Melody playing can be taught too, but it will take longer... It's lots of fun!
Create a rhythm circle and beat cool beats with your colleagues! Beat along with popular tunes!

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