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Tots Delight

Give your child a head start! Learning music at a young age cultivates soft skills that can be invaluable in life. From academic skills to physical skills, boosting of self esteem and nurturing social skills, learning music even refines you're children's discipline and patience.

We believe that music is a choice, and at a young age, parents often ask, "What instrument should my child learn?", "What if I choose an instrument and my child doesn't like it?"

Fret not! Tots Delight exposes children to different instruments to help you find your child's area of interest and help you make the most important decision in your child's music learning journey, the instrument to learn!

Tots Delight is a specially formulated music program for children aged 2.5 to 5 years-old. Developed by a mix of Music Teachers and Early Childhood Educators, this course gives the perfect edge to learning Music!

Early music exposure will aid your child in: 

- Cognitive benefits that support children’s early development 
- Developing fine and gross motor skills
- Listening skills
- Building vocabulary through singing lyrics 
- Teamwork through cooperating with friends
- Developing Creativity

Tots Delight

The course is divided into 4 stages. Children learn from scratch and grow to able to play simple melodies progressively.  

Here are some of the highlights in this course:
- Singing solfege
- Following beats and dancing with the music
- Foundation on a variety of instruments (etc: Piano, Ukulele, Violin, Xylophone, Percussion)
- Fun music activities to interact with one another
- Notes reading and rhythm counting

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