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Tots Delight

Welcome Parents!


We believe you are here as you would like to explore the options of giving your child a head start & pick up Music as a life skill!


You have made the first right step by trying to find a Music course for them. Music is one of the basic human pleasures. Also, we believe that children listening to music at an early age, their future musical instruction (the more formal kind) comes more easily. We have observed that many children begin singing around the same time they start using language, and first words are often part of familiar songs. 


Parents often then ask, "What instrument should my child learn?", "What if I choose an instrument and my child doesn't like it?"


Fret not! Tots Delight is here! We have developed this programme for children to explore various different instruments. We will help you find your child's area of interest and talent. Both they and you can then make a decision on which main instrument to learn after the programme. 


Tots Delight is a specially formulated music program for children aged 2.5 to 5 years-old. Developed by a mix of Music Teachers and Early Childhood Educators, this course gives the perfect edge to learning Music!

Music Delight's early music exposure benefits: 

- Ignite the love for music
- Developing soft skills, social skills
- Listen and express
- Building vocabulary through singing lyrics

- Showmanship (Boost self esteem)
- Teamwork through cooperating with friends
- Empowering them to be Creative

Tots Delight

The course is divided into 4 steps. Children will be able to play simple melodies progressively.  

Here are some of the highlights in this course:
- Singing solfege
- Following beats and dancing with the music
- Foundation on a variety of instruments (etc: Keyboard, Ukulele, Violin, Resonator Bells, Percussion)
- Fun music activities to interact with one another
- Notes reading and rhythm counting

- Performances

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