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Music Theory

Music Theory

We are following the ABRSM syallbus and provide the music theory from Beginner to Grade 8.

Here is what you'll learn:

- Elements and terms in Music (notes reading, rhythm, time signatures, key signatures, foregin terms, etc.)

- Chords (Triads, chord inversionl etc.)

- Introduction to different family's instruments

- A brief history of classical music

- Composition

Music Theory is a language for us to explain what we hear to people. It also helps us to have a better understanding about how composers create every single piece. 

By learning music theory, you can: 
- To be able to express your thoughts on music easily and clearer
- Better understanding the music you’re playing
- To know the structure of the piece
- Create/compose your own music 

For Higher Grade Practical Persue

Students who are aiming to take higher grades in ABRSM exam, a pass of Grade 5 theory is required.

Classroom setting

Individual lessons:

Duration: 45 mins/session


Group lessons:

Duration: 30 mins - 1 hour/session

*(Depends on the number of students, max.6 pax/group)

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