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Music Lessons in MOE Schools

All our instructors are AMIS Certified and eIRS registered! On top of that, each instructor is trained to conduct lessons in Classroom settings before being sent to teach in your MOE School. We teach in Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, Junior Colleges and Institute of Technical Educations. Let us know your needs, and we will be glad to share our expertise with you!

Why Choose Us?

Music Delight aims to give your students an experience like no other. We are fully focused on conducting lessons professionally and bringing joy to classes.

Customised Lesson Plans

All our lesson plans are fully customisable based on your school's requirements. Clear lesson objectives and rubrics used based on MOE's 21st century competencies to assess students learning.

Lesson Materials

Beautifully designed booklets are prepared for students to have lesson materials to bring home after the course, so that the music lesson doesn't just stop after the lesson. It can journey with them through life.

Trained and Qualified Instructors

Apart from the usual Music grades that all music instructors would possess, we train them to make sure they are able to conduct lessons in classroom settings

Certificate of Completion

Each student will receive a Certificate of Completion for finishing the course. Certificates will include your school logo to show that they have been through this enrichment in your school. 

Corporate Music Lessons

Boost your company's team spirit while learning instruments with Music Delight. We are here to bring some cheer to you and your colleagues. All equipment and lesson materials will be provided by us! Give us the location, number of people, duration of sessions, and we will bring the Music to you!


A favourite amongst adults. The ukulele is affordable and quick to learn. Strum and sing your favourite songs within a few hours, and entertain your family and friends with this wonderful instrument!


Another fantastic instrument with many playing styles. You can strum and sing with the guitar, and also play it in fingerstyle patterns to create your own music. We'll recommend picking up the guitar if you've mastered the Ukulele or have prior experience. Else, beginners can learn this instrument just as well too!


One instrument to rule them all. The keyboard has multiple tones that can sound like different instruments. It works as a one man band. Learn how to play with different tones, and rhythm styles that work with different genres of music. Within the sessions, you will have so much fun playing chords and trying different rhythms.


Boom Boom Tack! Be the beat! The Cajon is just a simple box, but impresses people on so many levels when you can create intricate rhythms that blend with different genres of music. Learn to create a rhythmic solo when you pick up the cajon or accompany other musicians to give their instruments a nice beat to make the song sound better!

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